Thursday, December 28, 2017 at 5:51 PM
We are growing our faith together in every classroom, on every field and at every performance. Experience the Catholic difference today by taking a tour or shadowing for a day!
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The St. Paul Preschool Philosophy

   At St. Paul Early Childhood Center the philosophy is one that is important to you and your child as you prepare him/her for the life ahead. We believe a quality preschool program is child centered, devoted to meeting each child’s unique needs. Each child is valued as a unique individual and treated with kindness and respect. St. Paul Early Childhood Center is designed to provide developmentally appropriate educational programming intended to supplement what is taught at home.
   Children learn at their own pace, therefore learning is encouraged through selected meaningful play activities. The classroom environment provides stimulating materials and challenging open-ended activities that promote creativity and imagination. Children’s experiences will be incorporated into the curriculum to stimulate motivation for learning.