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Uniform Information


Every student wears a uniform every day, and every school has a unique uniform. 

Schoolbelles Uniforms

     Schoolbelles Uniform Guide


Lands' End school uniforms

    Uniform Informaton

    How to Order Guide

    Fit Guide: English

    Fit Guide: Spanish 


St. Paul School Student Dress Code


Physical Education Uniforms

Students in grades 4-8 are required to wear the Physical Education uniform during P.E. class. While many students choose to wear the P.E. uniform all day, students do have the option to change into and out of the P.E. uniform before and after P.E. class. If choosing this option, they must follow the same procedure before each and every P.E. class throughout the school year. The required pieces for P.E. class are the t-shirt and shorts. Students wearing their uniform all day will also need the P.E. uniform pants after October 1.

If P.E. class is on a Mass day, students need to wear their Mass attire and then change into their P.E. uniform before P.E. class.

    P.E. Uniforms are available at Design Creationz.

938 South Main street 

north canton, oh  44720 

PHone: 330.685.1562  website:

Orders will be processed on the first and third Monday of each month to be delivered to school on the second and fourth Monday each month.